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Temporary employment (flexible staffing)

Order flactuations? Workers were needed yesterday? Workers are needed for short assignments? Need to change employ on sick leave or vacation?

  • We will find employees who meet your requirements within 2 workdays
  • We will replace employees on sick leave or vacation
  • We will reduce the risks associated with a decrease / increase in volumes


Are you looking to optimize payroll management costs?

  • We will prepare an employment contract and employ your submitted candidate
  • We will account for and pay the salary and ensure the application of the latest legal framework
  • We will ensure full salary confidentiality and maximally adapt to the needs of your company

Personnel search and selection

Candidate sourcing

It takes a long time to evaluate candidates CV, wihich you could have spent on other valuable tasks?

  • We will generate a flow of candidates
  • We will sort and present the CVs of the selected candidates

Full process of search and selection

Waisting a lot of time on talent search, which you could have spent on other priorities?

  • We'll create an ad and place it on a variety of channels
  • We will search for candidates in databases
  • We will have job interviews
  • We will select the most suitable candidates for you website

Short-term employment

Workers needed quickly and temporarily?

  • Upload an ad and find an employee for tomorrow
  • Select candidates based on their ratings from other companies
  • Employees are recruited and administered by us

Job board

Experiencing challenges to find mid qualified or unqualified staff?

  • Upload an ad in 2 minutes
  • You will always have 1 free ad
  • You will easily find low and medium skilled workers

Specialist/department outsourcing

Recruitment specialist on-demand

Specific competences are needed but hiring full-time does not make sense?

  • BIURO specialists will share their experience
  • Will work according to your company's processes and will have all the tools to perform a successful candidate search
  • You will receive support from BIURO marketing tools

Recruitment process outsourcing

Your organization is missing specific HR competencies? Talent Aquisition Specialist needed only for specific projects?

  • We will offer competencies tailored to your organization's needs or project
  • We will offer strategic advice by providing insights
  • We draw on 15+ years of experience in the HR sector

Trust in us

Itella Saku Leibur MAXIMA


80% of our employees work in manufacturing companies, hence we understand the needs of manufacturing companies, we are able to adapt to weekly planning cycles, serve 7 days a week from 6 to 22 hours and provide workers with work clothes and personal protective equipment. We work all over Lithuania and we are able to arrange transportation of employees if needed.
  • Production staff
  • Production operators
  • A
  • uxiliary workers
  • Truck drivers
We work with express shipping and big logistics companies. We follow the KPI performance and offer suggestions for improvement, while the electronic working time system allows us to follow employee real-time arrival to work .
  • Loaders
  • Product pickers
  • Truck drivers
  • Warehouse workers
The service sector is dynamic and many businesses are dependent on customer needs and projects, helping when we needed most, providing the the fastest response and flexibility.
  • Administrators
  • Data entry workers
  • Assistants
  • Accountants
Depending on the weather, season and events - hotels and restaurants are traditional temporary employment users. Orders can be executed per day by e-signing the employment contract.
  • Waiters
  • Workers at dishwashing
  • Room cleaners
  • Administrators
As we sign employment contracts by e-signatures, orders can be executed on the same day. We follow the KPI performance and provide suggestions for improvement.
  • Cashiers
  • Sales advisors
  • Hall staff
  • Workers at product counting
We are flexible and we can find the right employee for you - according to your requirements. Contact us and get an offer.


We conduct 120 interviews a day


No long-term commitment, use our the services only when needed


If the worker is sich, we change to another worker even on the weekend. Our service runs 5 days a week from 8 to 17


2 out of 5 temporary workers continue working in the client company even after the order has ended

Our clients

Roman Vorontsov, Production manager, Muuga Betoonelement AS
Roman Vorontsov, Production manager, Muuga Betoonelement AS
Alan Uustal, Estonia Distribution Supervisor, Coca-Cola HBC Estonia
Alan Uustal, Estonia Distribution Supervisor, Coca-Cola HBC Estonia

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