Looking for lab technicians in Luxembourg. / Trip and accommodation is provided for free.

We offer

  • Job in one of the prettiest countries in Europe – Liuxembourg
  • Free flight/ferry ticktets to get to the country
  • Free accommodation at the hotel and food is provided 3 x day
  • Duration of assignment from 2 to 3 months

We‘re hoping from you

  • Medical training for a minimum of 6 months accomplished either to be a physician, nurse, doctors’ assistant or lab technician or similar  
  • Clear and firm communication  
  • Strong attention to detail and good organizational skills 
  • Ability to perform in a physically demanding work environment, eg standing for long periods of time, working with protective gear 
  • English and/ or German are the required language 

What is waiting for you

  • Conduct the procedure of taking swabs from all persons to be tested – either in drive-through/ walk-through set ups or at specific institutions such as elderly homes
  • Adhere to the strict rules of procedure and disinfection to absolutely minimize potential risks for all parties involved in the process  
  • Process the collected samples according to pre-defined procedures

Salary: from 2200.00 to 2500.00 (neto per month)
Valid till: